The AREngine

Metaio's AREngine 2  provides the processing power required for modern Computer Vision tasks, while at the same time drastically reduces power consumption. The AREngine 2 is the hardware IP that makes all-day Augmented Reality possible.

AREngine 2 Features

60x More Performance

Higher performance enables an increase in scale and volume of Augmented Reality

1st Object Detection

Faster initialization allows for an increase in the volume and size of the 3D point clouds

Increased Battery Life

Dramatic reduction in power consumption will allow for all-day AR experiences

Always-On AR

AR usage for current and future devices requiring continuous AR visualization & search

Improved Efficiency

Deliver more efficient and robust performance compared to any programmable processor solutions


The AREngine2 is ready for integration today

Technical Specifications

  • 3D object detection and tracking running at 30fps with 1080p input resolution at 200MHz engine frequency
  • Highly parallel implementation of Metaio hot-spot algorithms
  • Local SRAM for zero-latency data access
  • Standard AMBA bus architecture
  • Flexible and configurable micro-controller interface
  • DMA controller autonomously manages the streaming of IO data to ensure continuous operation of the accelerators
  • Dedicated host interface for control and command exchange with the CPU
  • Scalable and modular design
  • Less than 1 sq mm silicon area (28nm tech node)
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