The AREngine

In a mobile future that clearly requires smart devices to be 'always on' and connected, Metaio's AR Hardware IP, the AREngine drastically reduces power consumption making all-day Augmented Reality experiences possible.

Always On, Always Augmented

Metaio’s AREngine is THE key-enabler in making your devices “Always On, Always Augmented.” With the most compute-intensive 3-D tracking hot-spots getting accelerated on this dedicated HW IP, the processing cores get offloaded from doing these complex tasks – resulting in substantial power savings and seamless AR experience – while tracking anything in our real-world anytime and anywhere. The AREngine2 is another big step in making Augmented Reality THE Digital User Interface for all of us.


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60x More Performance

Higher performance enables an increase in scale and volume of Augmented Reality

1st Object Detection

Faster initialization allows for an increase in the volume and size of the 3-D point clouds

Increased Battery Life

Dramatic reduction in power consumption will allow for all day AR experiences

Always-On AR

AR usage for current and future devices requiring continuous AR visualization & search

Improved Efficiency

Deliver more efficient and robust performance compared to any programmable processor solutions


The AREngine2 is ready for integration today

InsideAR 2013 - Introducing the AREngine 2

Watch Markus Tremmel from Metaio introduce the next iteration of the Metaio AREngine with highlights on improvements and features of the hardware IP that will make all day Augmented Reality a possibility.

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