2014: AR will be on Every Smartphone

Thomas Alt, Metaio Co-founder & CEO

According to Gartner Inc., Augmented Reality is one of the Top 10 IT technologies of our time. And Juniper Research forecasts $1.5 billion revenue stream by 2015. But AR is even more than that... We are at the dawn of a new technology revolution as the world and the digital realm merge, with AR becoming the user-interface of the future.

The Metaio Story… 10 years in the making.

Founded in 2003 in Munich, Germany by current CEO, Thomas Alt and current CTO, Peter Meier. Metaio, as a company, was created from an initial project with Volkswagen that later received a German grant with which the founders used to bootstrap their enterprise.


In 2005 Metaio released the first end-consumer Augmented Reality application called KPS Click & Design, allowing users to place virtual furniture into an image. Metaio then released their Unifeye Platform offering third parties the opportunity to create commercial AR solutions.


In 2006 Metaio released the first browser plug-in for web-based AR applications and shortly thereafter, launched the first fully integrated AR app for mobile devices and the first print/web campaign followed by the release of the mobile AR browser junaio. In 2011, Metaio won the ISMAR Tracking Competition for the world's first mobile 3-D tracking solution.