McDonald's – McMission App


McDonald’s is heavily involved with various projects for the environment and society with the aim of continuous improvement. Sustainability is an important component of fair economic behavior. Coinciding with the publishing of their third Corporate Responsibility Report, McDonald’s commissioned Metaio to develop an application that makes corporate commitment education playful and interactive.


On behalf of McDonald’s, Metaio, digital agency Heye, as well as the communication agency LessingvonKlenze developed the “McMission” application.  Through four interactive mini-games, visitors learn about the societal and environmental initiatives in which McDonald's and its franchisees are involved. The app consists of four "missions" that not only educate users about McDonald’s, but also encourage them to interact with the app itself. From learning about renewable energy in "Eco-Spinning“, users can experience "Origin Puzzle", “Recycling Crash Course" and "Waste-dunking" where they learn about proper waste disposal. Each mission concludes with a mini-quiz on the information presented.

The games can be launched through scanning common items found in McDonald’s such as a box of French Fries or images in the Sustainability Report, which is available at certain locations. Through the integration of social media, guests can share their game achievements via Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.


With the “McMission” application McDonald’s gives customers the chances to get an inside view into the company’s commitment to sustainability. The application is playful and includes a lot of information: From learning about renewable energy to proper waste disposal. “McMission” gives McDonald’s customers an engaging overview about the corporate responsibility report.