Developer Services and Per-Incident Support

Per-Incident Support

What is it?

For advanced technical support for Metaio products, we offer per-incident support tailored to your specific support requirements.* When you purchase a per-incident support ticket, a member of the Metaio team will contact you to assist in resolving your incident.

How does Per-Incident Support work?

When you have decided to get tailored Metaio per-incident support, you will need to purchase a support ticket by clicking on the green button found at the bottom of this page.

Immediately after purchasing a Per-Incident Support Ticket, you will be invited to fill a support form. The form will help us understand your issue/incident as well as ensure that such information is sent to the proper Metaio Support Team unit.

After you have submitted the per-incident form, you will be contacted by the Metaio support team within one (1) business day, during normal business hours.**

How much does Per-Incident Support cost?

A Per-Incident Support Ticket is a non-refundable one-time charge of 395€ / $480 per incident and is valid for up-to 30 days. The Support Ticket is valid only for Metaio Products*, and no support will be offered on third-party products or software.

By requesting a Per-Incident Support ticket, you agree to these terms and conditions.

* Metaio Creator, Metaio SDK and Metaio Cloud are qualifying products

** 9:00 - 18:00 CET, from Monday to Friday excluding public holidays.
9:00 - 18:00 PST, from Monday to Friday excluding public holidays.

Basic Support

What is it?

Metaio offers free, basic support through our Helpdesk community.

About the Metaio Helpdesk

The Metaio Helpdesk serves as a Q&A forum where you can ask and answer questions about Metaio products and Augmented Reality development and technology. You can comment and vote on the questions and answers of others. Both questions and answers can be revised and improved. Questions can be tagged with the relevant keywords to simplify future access and organize accumulating material.

The Metaio Helpdesk is moderated by its members and Metaio developers. Moderation rights are gradually assigned to users based on accumulated "karma" points. These points are added to the user's account when other users vote for his/her questions and/or answers. The points reflect the level of trust from the Metaio Helpdesk community.

Terms & Conditions

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