Innovative Digital Experience

IDX, Innovative Digital Experience, is a Digital Technology Company, that provides an multiple array of innovative solutions and services - ranging from strategic consulting to the development of digital ecosystems - in order to improve traditional and outdated business models.
IDX is an Italian company based in Trieste at the Business Innovation Center (BIC) a Public Start-Up Incubator. Through System Integration, IDX is able to develop Web and Mobile Solutions easing the cooperation among different enterprise business units, like IT, Marketing&Communication and Assistance.
Thanks to its always-accessible Cloud Applications IDX allows enterprises to integrate existing processes with new ones, while safeguarding data security and further capitalizing previous investments.
In addition to the Augmented Reality solutions developed in partnership with Metaio, IDX provides specific applications for commerce and e-commerce, on-site technical support, CRM, marketing and analytics, smart video interaction.

Dai Nippon Printing

Dai Nippon Printing (DNP) develops software solutions for interactive advertisement, infotainment and innovative print products.


Digimagic works with clients in Singapore, Asia, and Europe, creating marketing and corporate presentations for events, exhibitions and museums. Digimagic uses the latest technology available including Augmented Reality, holograms, and surround screens to provide unique experiential media applications.


appear2media is a 360° full service provider for mobile cross-media solutions. Specializing in print products, outdoor advertising, packaging and over-the-counter trade interactive through visual automatic content recognition: Augmented Reality (AR) and image recognition (IR) technologies.


Cybernet is a leading company in the area of visual communication in Japan. Cybernet is a full-service AR solution provider capable of everything from custom solutions to AR training.

3D Studio Blomberg

3D Studio Blomberg is a company servicing the business of Information Technology and Communications. With its head studio located in Finland, the company specializes in Visual Tools & Solutions to support all aspects of lifecycle products. 3D Studio Blomberg has entered the field of AR with over a decade of experience in 3D visualization and application in industry.

Partners in China

Beijing Vision Strategy Technology Ltd. 

Metaio Industrial AR Solution Partner in China

Beijing Vision Strategy Technology Ltd. (BVST), founded in 2003, is a highly focused IT company provides leading solutions in the field of virtual reality and augmented reality in China. BVST’s customer base covers various industries: Auto (Shanghai Auto, Shanghai VW, FAW VW, Beijing Auto, GM China, Dongfeng Auto etc.), Railway (CNR, CSR etc.) and Aerospace(China Aviation Industry Corp., Commercial Aircraft Corp of China etc.)

In 2013, BVST joined Metaio’s strategic partner network in the Greater China region. Since then, it has actively pushed the development of metaio industrial AR solution in the Greater China region. Its service includes: product presentation (exhibition, event, ads etc.), product design (DMU), product marketing (e-manual, ads) and product training (virtual maintenance).

Chengdu Economic Daily 

Metaio Print Media AR Solution Partner in China

Established in 1994, “Chengdu Economic Daily” is now the largest newspaper in western China (daily circulation is around 600,000; and annual advertising revenue is around 1 billion Chinese Yuan; first ranking among all Chinese metropolis daily newspapers). Other than the local daily newspaper, it also has a national financial newspaper, “National Business daily”; a local TV station, “CDTV-2”, a real estate weekly, “Pioneer Living Weekly”; a lifestyle weekly, “Fast Week”; and a local city web portal

In 2012, Chengdu Economic Daily New Media Lab launched China’s first AR Print Media Browser, named “Pai Pai Dong”; innovatively connected advanced AR technology with the traditional Paper Media. In 2013, Chengdu Economic Daily joined Metaio’s strategic partner network, and first time brought Metaio AR technology into the Chinese Print Media domain.

Chen-Wei VR International Co., Ltd.

Metaio General AR Solution Partner in Taiwan

Chen-Wei VR is a company based in Taiwan, devoted itself to the area of VR and AR. It has been successfully applying VR technologies in various areas to benefit their customers. For instance, virtual reality CNC for training and 3D ship/piping system graphical model and attribute viewer and etc., which have dramatically increased the efficiency of the training, designing, and communication between different stakeholders in a project.

It is now aiming at combining AR and VR technologies to provide even more innovative and efficient solutions in Taiwan. With the popularity of the mobile devices such as mobile phones and tablet computers, people from different industries are trying to engage their customers through creative mobile contents rather than conventional media, and AR will be surely one of the best interfaces. Through combining AR and VR, it provides solutions to a wide range of audiences: consumers, commercial or industrial customers. Please feel free to contact.

daTangle Group

Metaio AR Content Solution Partner in China

With the advancement in technology, strong management team, and a solid foundation; daTangle Group has quickly gained attention and established itself. Founded in year 2013 and now branching all around the world, daTangle has offices in the U.S., China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. It is constantly envisioning new ideas and developing future applications that can potentially be of assistance for our daily life.

Being one of the only “Content as a Service Company (CaaS)”, daTangle’s technology utilizes cloud computing to achieve the best creation for 3D contents, bringing the gap between pictures and digital contents closer to our lives. In 2012, daTangle Group joined Metaio’s strategic partner network, aiming to bring world’s advanced AR digital content into the Chinese market.