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Why Augmented Reality?

According to Gartner Inc., Augmented Reality is one of the Top 10 strategic information technologies of our time. The research company Juniper forecasts that the revenue of the AR industry will reach $1.5 Billion by 2015. But even today the technology is already being used successfully by renowned companies for online, web and mobile marketing, along with gaming and industrial solutions. As a visual-based technology, AR is incredibly adaptable to any industry.

Why metaio?

More than 1000 major companies, 50,000 AR professionals and 30 million users rely on Augmented Reality solutions and software from metaio. As a result of 10+ years of research and development, we have been generating great business opportunities in different domains. By being a part of our Partner Network you will have access to the latest breakthroughs in AR technology. More importantly, we will consult with you while you are implementing this revolution in information technology into your business.

AR Solution Provider

The metaio AR Solution Provider package provides you with the complete metaio Augmented Reality software product line, bundled with premium support from our developer team. The AR Solution Provider program is ideal for those who want to provide the full range of Augmented Reality services and solutions.

Certified Developer

The metaio Certified Developer program targets developers actively using metaio software who want to expand their service portfolio and receive professional marketing support. This program connects Certified Developers with metaio's global network of businesses and professionals to get a jumpstart in their industry.

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