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"Galileo" and junaio turn your Television into a Touch Screen

Munich and San Francisco, January 20, 2011 - On January 25 at 7:10 pm, the popular German television show "Galileo" of ProSieben presents, in collaboration with junaio, the world's first truly interactive TV broadcast. Viewers are able to actively participate and respond to questions in a quiz, get individual feedback on their results and compare their performance with that of other viewers. It is like having a TV set with a touch screen. All that is needed is a smartphone with its camera pointing at the TV screen and of course the app junaio, which can be downloaded for free at the Apple iPhone App Store or the Android Marketplace.

The idea of interactive television with viewers being able to cast their vote in real time, to transmit their opinion or to participate in a quiz show has been around for decades. To date though, popular entertainment shows were only able to offer a very limited form of viewer participation using batteries of call centers. Despite the enormous expense, usually only a small number of persistent callers actually get through, apart from the fact that communication is not really bi-directional. Now, for the first time and at very little expense everybody can actively participate, provided he has a smartphone available. All that is needed is to quickly download the junaio app and to click on the "Galileo smart" channel.

To get the best results during the "Galileo" quiz, one should point the smartphone camera directly at the displayed choice of alternative responses and close enough to the TV screen. This is because junaio uses a technology called digital image recognition. The scanned screen image triggers communication with the station's server via internet and thus establishes a bi-directional transmission of information. With just a click on the touch screen of the smartphone the viewer's response is transmitted. Results are displayed instantly, both at the station's end and on the smartphone. The viewer will see immediately whether his answer was right or wrong, which percentage of viewers answered correctly and how many questions he has gotten right himself so far. Those who missed the show will be able to visit the "Galileo" website later and run through the quiz there as well.

This can be considered a first important step towards truly interactive television. It is not hard to imagine the different opportunities this technology opens up.

"Viewer polling is one thing", says Peter Meier, CTO of metaio, the developers of junaio." Another idea could be to offer films or documentaries based on audience's spontaneous choice. Or to make additional information available, such as a chef's recipe, and transmit it at a viewer's request directly on his smartphone. Breakthrough technologies such as junaio will provide the media industry with entirely new possibilities of user interaction."


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junaio is the world's most advanced mobile Augmented Reality browser and growing daily with interesting content relevant to a viewer's location or triggered through images and objects the camera is pointing at. The unmatched ease of use, great choice of content and superior features make junaio everybody's daily companion, an instant source of information about places, events, bargains or objects in the world around us. Features are: location based services using onboard GPS and compass, highly accurate positioning, even inside buildings or exhibition sites, object recognition and natural feature tracking useful for scaling and integrating graphic overlays or 3D models into the real world. Two-way interaction between the user and the displayed AR overlays allow gaming and other virtual experiences. And of course the full range of multimedia displays, including text, image, sound, video. junaio was created by metaio GmbH, the worldwide leader in Augmented Reality.

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