Create Your ‘AR’ Application with Metaio 6

No matter if you are a beginner, an expert, a developer or a designer, Metaio’s extensive Augmented Reality range of products allows effortless ‘AR’ creation for everyone at any experience level.

Create AR

Create outstanding ‘AR’ Experiences

Our software enables you to create ‘AR’ experiences ranging from simple to advanced scenarios.


It's an easy-to-use software that allows you to create extensive ‘AR’ Apps. Present 3D content in a new and fascinating way. Metaio Creator supports a wide range of digital content and formats, such as 2D images, videos, audio, 3D models and animations etc. Get started within minutes, no development skills required.


Our free Metaio SDK is the most advanced ‘AR’ technology in the industry and an extensive toolbox with many options. It empowers you to augment more of the world with 3D and SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) tracking options. Track any object, whether it is a toy, a car engine or features of a landscape. Start now!

Publish AR

Publish your AR Apps

After having created your App, we provide you with the following online and offline publishing options:


The Metaio Cloud is available as an export option directly from within the Metaio Creator and the Metaio SDK (Cloud-Plugin included in the downloads).

Manage all of your AR content and projects in a single place, easily integrating updates. Deploy your Apps for free (with a Metaio watermark) or create custom branded Apps. With a Cloud License Subscription you also receive the Metaio Creator (Full Version) and 3GB Cloud space, valid throughout your subscription time.


With the Metaio SDK License, you can publish your Apps offline for kiosks, desktops or mobile devices. SDK Basic or Pro Licenses are available based on the tracking types you need.

With the Metaio SDK Software you can deploy your Apps for free (with a Metaio watermark) or purchase a SDK License to remove the watermark and publish custom branded Apps.

Manage AR

Manage your AR Content

Measure the success with Google Analytics, automatically manage up to 1 million images using CVS or add extra Cloud storage.

Create and manage your own image database containing thousands of searchable images.

3GB additional Cloud storage available for more content integration.



Google Analytics is a website statistics service offered by Google that can also be used along with your AR channels.


All-in-One: The Metaio Suite

The Metaio Suite includes the latest AR Tools and Technologies.

Offering you our software, licensing options and additional products as a yearly subscription. With the Metaio Suite you are ready to create, publish and manage your online and offline Apps – flexible and unlimited.