The Metaio SDK

Metaio’s award-winning SDK empowers your Augmented Reality applications with new wearable device support, improved visualization, speed and tracking stability.

NEW: AR applications created with the metaio SDK now directly support Intel Atom (x86) based phones and tablets!

Benefits of the Metaio SDK

Complete AR Solution

A proven and complete AR solution that contains an award-winning tracking engine and state-of-the-art rendering.

Platform Independent

Develop natively for all major platforms including iOS, Android, Windows & Unity. Use the AREL AR scripting language to develop once and deploy everywhere.

Advanced Tracking

Reliable tracking technology for 2-D images, 3-D objects and environments, SLAM instant tracking, barcodes, QR codes, location-based tracking and continuous visual search (CVS).

Free Online/Offline Apps

Get started with creating and deploying AR scenarios for free with a Metaio watermark. Purchase a Metaio SDK or Cloud license to remove the watermark.

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